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FLESETTE	Visible Repair Silk-fit Mask;SoothingFLESETTE	Visible Repair Silk-fit Mask;Soothing
FLESETTE	Visible Repair Silk-fit Mask;NourishingFLESETTE	Visible Repair Silk-fit Mask;Nourishing
FLESETTE	Visible Repair Replenishing Eye CreamFLESETTE	Visible Repair Replenishing Eye Cream
FLESETTE	Visible Repair Milky way Cera MistFLESETTE	Visible Repair Milky way Cera Mist
FLESETTE	Visible Repair Creamy Clear Cleanser 100mlFLESETTE	Visible Repair Creamy Clear Cleanser 100ml
FLESETTE	 Visible Repair Enriched Redensifying CreamFLESETTE	 Visible Repair Enriched Redensifying Cream

Apothecary's garden flesette

'Flesette' is a name of garden where the ancient apothecaries grew precious medicinal herbs.

The brand 'Flesette' studies skin regeneration based on the wisdom of ancient apothecaries and modern medical science.

We combine natural beauty from the miraculous garden with the cosmetics technology, which gives you a precious experience of renewing your skin.