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Iam From Mugwort Essence

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Featured Description:

Extracted mugwort with slow-release extraction method to optimize the nutrients in the mix. Mugworts are named 'tea tree' in Kore for their calming and cleansing benefits. Constituing of its star ingredient, Mugwort, the gentle, thin, and liquid texture cleanses sensitive skin efficiently. Korean mugwort is well renowned for its special scent and antioxidants, abundant of vitamins and minerals to replenish energy and life as well as for its phenomenal soothing and detoxifying benefits. Ideal for red and irritated skin such as after shaving, sun exposure, and stressful days.

Ideal For:
Skin Types - Normal Skin, Combination Skin
Skin Concerns - Dryness/Hydration
How To Use:
1. After applying toner, take a moderate amount and apply to the entire face in a tapping motion.
2. For better soothing and moisturizing effects, soak cotton pads with the product and place onto your face.
3. Leave for 5 minutes and remove the cotton pads.

Artemisia Princeps Extract 100%.
Iam From Mugwort Essence
Iam From Mugwort Essence Sale price$40.00